Breamlea, Victoria

Breamlea, Victoria

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Genealogical Society of Victoria

Ok right now I'm in the train to Flinders Street Station looking forward to my day in the GSV. 
I've only recently become a member and already I am seeing benefits.
The GSV has certainly got an eye on the future and is making progress and plans which is I think pretty exciting for our future. Their current aim is to improve their website which grew like topsy, but they have now employed professional developers who are in the midst of making it a really slick affair.  The fact that all their members are interested in progressing into the future is borne out by their phenominally high participation rate when they sent out a questionnaire about the members' needs in the digital age, and to the Society's very great credit, they are responding proactively.
I find it is very exciting to be part of a team who will help change the unfair perception of the knitted cardigan status quo.
The librarians there helped me enormously and were enthusiastic and friendly.
The best thing about the GSV is that it is a short walk through Flinders Street Station and you can pop up in Degraves Street only metres away from the back entrance of the Emirates building where it is located. No effort at all apart from the stairs.
As part of a new membership you get a free introductory course that tells you basic info and shows how to access the incredible resources it has to offer. There are other free courses for members too. The one I am going to today is called Starting Your Family History and I'll tell you about that tomorrow. For nonmembers the course costs $15, but why wouldn't you become a member when membership costs less than a hundred bucks a year? You'll easily recover that in the free courses they offer and the quality of the information you find.
I've learned a lot by doing it myself with family history, but the GSV has added to my expertise and results wonderfully.
Historically yours
Valerius Copernicus

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